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Workshop Activities

  1. Craft – Imagination Art - Students answer "What if..." questions with their art.

  2. Key Points – Harry Potter Books - Discover the worldwide success of the Harry Potter series

  3. Collaborative – Science Fiction - Compare science fiction to science fact

  4. Writing – Blackout Stories - Student create their own stories from the pages of old books.

  5. Math/Logic – Fantasy Maps - Students create maps for the Harry Potter books

  6. Character Connection – Learning From Literature - Discover the things that can be learned through books

  7. Big Activity – Snowball Quiz - a literature quiz game

  8. Movement – Book Race - can you run with a book on your head?


  • Draw pictures to illustrate what happens at the beginning, middle, and end of one of the Harry Potter books or any book you've read.

  • Some literature games and activities:







  • Consider how the pen is mightier than the sword. How can it be? Write about this in your Wizard journal.

  • Design a new cover for a book.

  • Keep a tally for every difficult spelling word you find in the story you read.

  • Make an audio recording of yourself reading a book.

  • Create a book report on one of the Harry Potter books.

  • Make a list of words that J.K. Rowling made up.

  • In your journal, keep a list of unusual words you come across while you read books. Add definitions for words you are not familiar with.

  • Consider how reading makes you wise. Write about it in your Wizard journal.

  • Make a Harry Potter haiku:

  • Create your own Harry Potter quiz. Have your family and friends take the quiz. How many questions do they know the answers to?

  • Play charades with the titles of books.

  • Make a list of quotes from the Harry Potter books. Read the quotes to others. Can they guess who said what?

  • What is your favorite book? What do you like about it? Compare it to other books. How can more stories be good like your favorite? Write your thoughts in your Wizard journal.

  • Write a letter to Harry Potter.

  • Make paper-bag puppets or popsicle-stick puppets for the Harry Potter characters and act out the story.

  • Write a different ending to the Harry Potter series or a book of your choice.

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