Do you make this mistake when educating your kids?

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The #1 mistake new homeschoolers make is trying to duplicate school at home.

The organization and curriculum used in schools are designed out of necessity to keep all the kids on the same page - literally.


When you're teaching just your own kids, you have a lot more flexibility. You can -- and should -- have powerful learning experiences without using a curriculum.

In truth, the key to powerful learning is very simple:

Learning can be a fun adventure.

Children learn more quickly and the learning is more memorable when it's fun. By introducing topics through fun activities, we spark interest in the learners.

To spark interest, Celebration Education provides adventurous learning experiences in the form of:

  • interesting materials

  • a variety of classes

  • hands-on learning

  • collaborative problem-solving

  • plentiful field trips

  • exciting year-long themes and weekly topics

Once curiosity is sparked, who knows where it'll lead?

Let your children explore the topic! Let them choose how they “play” with the information. They can:

  • learn within their own intelligences and learning styles

  • delve into the topics for as long as they like

  • spend hours Googling about it

  • make posters

  • write plays

  • read books that relate

  • solve problems

  • create a puppet show

  • write a report

  • etc... the ways to experience a topic are endless!

Don't be surprised when your children get excited about the stuff they're learning and doing.

Don't be surprised when one interest expands into other interests.

Don't be surprised when your children become insatiable learners.

Enjoy the process! They are YOUR wonderful children!

Join Celebration Education for fun and exciting learning experiences!

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