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Class Activities and Fireworks/Quests

March 27-31

Workshop Class Activities

1. Craft – Make a wind speed wheel

2. Key Points – Create a model of how seasons are made

3. Collaborative – Make a tornado in a Bottle

4. Writing - Create portmanteaus

5. Math/Logic - Measure air pressure

6. Character Connection – Act out how people react in natural disasters

7. Big Activity – Make a representation of ocean temperatures

8. Movement – Act out the water cycle

Standard Disney Day

(see next week: Electricity/Light)

Weekly Disney Days Activities

  • Key points: definition of Meteorology, how weather is the condition of the earth's atmosphere, How weather is predicted, How to predict tides and waves

  • Identify and act out the 4 factors of weather

  • Do experiments of and Act out the water cycle

  • Discover and visit climate zones around the earth

  • Release a "weather balloon"

  • Figure out how extreme weather happens

Minecraft Class

  • Experience indoor rain at Hogwarts

  • Explore and identify various climates and where in the world they can be found

  • Play a quiz game with meteorological vocabulary

  • Experience a rainstorm and blizzard

  • Build Challenge: make weather predicting equipment



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