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Astronomy Activities and Fireworks

Workshop Activities

1. Craft – Create a flag for a new planet.

2. Key Points – Discover the history of space discovery.

3. Collaborative – Discuss alien life and experiment with an extremophile.

4. Writing – Create a way to communicate with aliens.

5. Math/Logic - Plot constellations.

6. Character Connection - Experience the story of Edwin Hubble.

7. Big Activity – Make models of interstellar matter molecules.

8. Movement - Play a planets mix-up game.

Weekly Disney Days

  1. Figure out the proportions of planet size compared to the sun.

  2. Experience orbits and rotations in our solar system.

  3. Use a mnemonic to memorize the order of the planets.

  4. Act out movement within weightlessness.

  5. Discover and create constellations.

  6. Discuss the origins of the names of the planets.

Standard Disney Days

  1. Color the solar system.

  2. Discover highlights of our universe.

  3. Play an astronomy quiz game.

  4. Explore and memorize the names and order of the planets.

  5. Experience solar system orbits.

Minecraft Activities

  1. Students create constellations.

  2. Students participate in a solar system quiz.

  3. Students add features to the planets in our solar system.

  4. Build challenge: Create your own planet.



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