Our Excellent Adventure

Inspired by Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

Celebration Education did this theme in 2007-2008

Take a Bill & Ted approach for discovering how we can use the knowledge of the past to create an excellent future. We “kidnap” historical figures from all over the world and then learn about them, their time, and their place.

“We can change tomorrow. It comes around so fast,

With one foot in the future. One foot in the past.”

Here is a possible outline for the year:

Opening Celebration


Component: I - Conquerors


  1. Genghis Khan

  2. Mongolia

  3. The Moors

  4. Billy the Kid

  5. American West

Component II: Liberators

  1. Joan of Arc

  2. France

  3. Nelson Mandela

  4. Africa

  5. Abraham Lincoln

  6. Civil War

Holiday Celebration: Joy to the World - Holiday Traditions Around the World


  1. Beethoven

  2. Germany

  3. African Artist

  4. Shakespeare

  5. England

  6. Japanese Artist

Celebration of Art: Art and talent show


  1. Princesses

  2. Middle Ages and Renaissance

  3. Jesse Owens

  4. Imhotep

  5. Chang-Ho (Zheng He)

  6. China


Science Celebration: Science Fair



  1. Socrates

  2. Greece

  3. Sigmund Freud (brain science)

  4. Austria

  5. Mahatma Gandhi

  6. Scrapbooking/Prepare for Closing Celebration


Closing Celebration: Presentations

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