September 24, 2019

Three events in one day - choose your involvement!

October 21st, 2019

Self-guided tour of Aquarium of the Pacific

Arrive early in order to park and meet in front of the aquarium at 10:45 so we can all go in together. Park in the parking structure. The fee is $8.00 f...

December 30, 2017

Math is the hardest school subject to integrate into the yearly theme. That said, it is still not necessary to use a set curriculum in order to learn math. There are many fun and organic ways to learn math.

People often want to use a traditional math curriculum because...

December 12, 2017

Workshop Activities

1. Craft - Tessellations

2. Key Points – Show Me the Math! - Various careers and the math they use

3. Collaborative – Math Show – playing with the numbers!

4. Writing – It's Greek to Me! – Greek and Latin words for our numbers

5. Math/Logic – Math Races...

September 21, 2017

How to use fireworks for inquiry-based learning experiences in all the school subjects

July 15, 2017

Learning on Your Feet

John Medina of Brain Rules said, “If you were to design an almost perfect anti-brain learning environment, it would look something like this.”

You can watch the video about the importance of learning on your feet here: