Why I Don't Like Textbooks

Your best mind is the one that keeps asking questions until you get the quality of information you want. Asking questions and solving problems is like an aerobic workout for the brain. The top two scans here show a how much of the brain is used for our usual thought processes. This is simple recall of information. The bottom two brain scans show a brain working on a problem. In the same way that physical activity increases physical ability, increased brain activity increases the brain's ability to learn. So if you want to help develop a learning brain, it is important that your learning include inquiry. Most school situations seek to simply fill a student's head with a litany of facts. Their


Class Activities and Fireworks/Quests March 27-31 Workshop Class Activities 1. Craft – Make a wind speed wheel 2. Key Points – Create a model of how seasons are made 3. Collaborative – Make a tornado in a Bottle 4. Writing - Create portmanteaus 5. Math/Logic - Measure air pressure 6. Character Connection – Act out how people react in natural disasters 7. Big Activity – Make a representation of ocean temperatures 8. Movement – Act out the water cycle Standard Disney Day (see next week: Electricity/Light) Weekly Disney Days Activities Key points: definition of Meteorology, how weather is the condition of the earth's atmosphere, How weather is predicted, How to predict tides and waves Identify

Astronomy Activities and Fireworks

Workshop Activities 1. Craft – Create a flag for a new planet. 2. Key Points – Discover the history of space discovery. 3. Collaborative – Discuss alien life and experiment with an extremophile. 4. Writing – Create a way to communicate with aliens. 5. Math/Logic - Plot constellations. 6. Character Connection - Experience the story of Edwin Hubble. 7. Big Activity – Make models of interstellar matter molecules. 8. Movement - Play a planets mix-up game. Weekly Disney Days Figure out the proportions of planet size compared to the sun. Experience orbits and rotations in our solar system. Use a mnemonic to memorize the order of the planets. Act out movement within weightlessness. Discover and cre

Geology Activities and Fireworks

March 6-10 Workshop Activities 1. Craft – Grow Crystals 2. Key Points – Identify Rocks 3. Collaborative – Experiment to discover how caves are made 4. Writing – Write about rocks 5. Math/Logic - Mining Math 6. Character Connection - Experience Stress with Earthquake Action 7. Big Activity - Create Stratigraphy 8. Movement - Play a Garbage Ball Game Standard Disney Days Activities (from 2/22) Craft: Students write with invisible ink Main key Points - Elements - Students graph earth's elements Collaboration – lifting ice experiment Follow-up Activity – Identify types of rocks Chemical Reaction – Expose invisible words Hunt – Visit petrified tree Weekly Disney Days Geology can teach us about h

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