1/23-1/27 Workshop Activities Craft – Imagination Art - Students answer "What if..." questions with their art. Key Points – Harry Potter Books - Discover the worldwide success of the Harry Potter series Collaborative – Science Fiction - Compare science fiction to science fact Writing – Blackout Stories - Student create their own stories from the pages of old books. Math/Logic – Fantasy Maps - Students create maps for the Harry Potter books Character Connection – Learning From Literature - Discover the things that can be learned through books Big Activity – Snowball Quiz - a literature quiz game Movement – Book Race - can you run with a book on your head? Quests: Draw pictures to illustrate w


1/17-1/20 Workshop activities Craft – Rorschach Art Key Points – Meet the Philosophers Collaborative – Tragedy of the Commons - an experiment Writing – Quote That! - Write your favorite philosophical quotes Math/Logic – New Cheerios - survey and graphing Character Connection - Bullying discussion Big Activity – I Believe... - we are all philosophers, each with our own set of beiefs Movement – Truth or Consequences - a physical game with philosophy trivia Specialty Disney Days Lesson Words are powerful Prejudice hurts everyone Bullying Exists Anyone can make a difference Overcoming bullying comes when you have confidence in you and define yourself instead of letting others define you Resou

Force vs. Choice

Did you know that by forcing your child to “learn,” you may actually be limiting her opportunities and abilities? Here are some things your child learns when she is forced to do schoolwork that has no meaning to her: Do the bare minimum that is expected. Please authority figures. Their opinions and likes are not important. It's important to do what everyone else is doing. Learning and study are not fun and it should be avoided, if possible. The things that they are bad at are more important than the things that they are good at. You may feel secure with a planned and sequential plan. It gives you the ability to assign, demand, and mete out consequences. You have been conditioned to believe t

Questions First

The act of asking questions and solving problems is good for the brain. Our brains are wired differently and we literally become smarter when we do things that challenge our brains. Unfortunately, most schools have it backward. They give all the answers first and then they ask the questions. In my world, this cheats the student right out of a genuine learning experience. The students are quickly bored and the information is soon forgotten. A good workout for the brain includes the student asking lots of questions first, then finding the answers. Not only is brain power increased this way, but the material is remembered for longer. Let's compare a learner to an athlete. What athlete would be

What's With All the Fun?

Many families "get it" right off when they see all the exciting stuff we plan for our students. Others wonder, "What's with all the fun?" There is a good reason we do it. It's because emotion is the gatekeeper to learning and performance. When children are happy they are in a state of relaxed alertness, which is the optimum state for introducing new information. When this new information is juxtaposed with things they already love -- such as a movie, a theme park or their favorite computer game -- their interest is heightened. With this heightened interest, the students are introduced to compelling topics. This new content is now meaningful to them and they may be ready to take their learnin

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