Visual Arts

1//9-1/13 Workshop Activities: 1. Craft - Paintings 2. Key Points – Visual Arts 3. Collaborative – Photo Shoot 4. Writing – Qualities of Art 5. Math/Logic – Timeline Tapestry 6. Character Connection – Beautiful People 7. Big Activity – Modern Art 8. Movement – Art Relay Race Disney class - The Arts (Performance and visual arts The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination Expressions (and continuation) of culture -used before battle (Hakka) -used in celebration -memorials of epic battles -used to gain power from the heavens -worship of the Divine -used to attract a romantic interest -sacred time: as a way of celebration -Used to relay important information (especially

Music and Performance Arts

1/3-1/6 Workshop activities: 1. Craft – Guitars 2. Key Points – Music and Performing Arts 3. Collaborative – Musical Skits 4. Writing - Musical Scales 5. Math/Logic – Lego Rhythm 6. Character Connection - Phoenix 7. Big Activity – Performance Preparation 8. Movement – Hokey Pokey Quests: Attend a musical performance. Start working on a six-week project. Play Carnegie Hall's play games: Play some math games. Learn a new dance. Write the script for a skit. Perform in a talent show or recital. Learn a new instrument or improve on one you already know. Choreograph your own dance. Write a song. W

Wizards' Yule Ball

Workshop Activities 1. Ornament Craft 2. House Points 3. Christmas Crackers Game 4. Gift Exchange Dice Game 5. 12 Days of Christmas 6. Champions Waltz 7. Popular dance 8. Feast/refreshments Holiday Quests Do something extra nice for someone. Be a secret Santa for someone. Make some gifts to give to others. Earn some money to use to buy gifts for others. Read to your pygmy puff pet every day. Write thank-you notes for the gifts you receive. Help out at a local animal shelter to help pets get homes for the holidays. Write about one of your family’s holiday traditions. If on the first day of Christmas a person received one gift (a partridge in a pear tree), and on the second day of Christmas a

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