Journaling is a great way for you to help your children learn to enjoy writing. With a variety of things to write about, journaling can be interesting for a long time. Journaling as a writing curriculum Done correctly, journaling can be the backbone of your language arts curriculum. With each writing, you can review your child's writing with her. Help her correct misspellings. Help her correct punctuation. Advise her on grammar. Compliment improved penmanship. In areas in which she is struggling, you can help her find some other resources and activities that can strengthen those weaknesses. This way, her language arts learning is more focused than traditional curriculum. Instead of wasting t

Student Scheduling and Tracking

Over the years, I have visited with moms who are drawn to unschooling, but can't quite get away from "making sure" everything is covered. Please be assured that even when you "cover" everything, the student is not learning everything. See Lecture, Test, Forget. I'd like to share with you a schedule I made. This is close to what I have used for my own children for many years. As you can see, this is a very simple schedule. It's meant to me. We don't want to overschedule the children. There needs to be lots of time for them to explore and learn on their own. Weekly Topics If you are doing any of our Celebration Education classes, you are involved in a theme. Each week is a different topic, bas

How to Create Great Projects for Groups and Individuals

I have always been a relaxed homeschooler. Beyond basic reading, writing, and arithmetic, our schooling has consisted of discovery through field trips, adventures, and projects. Projects are a great way to go deep into an interesting subject. Additionally, when a project is completed, a student has something to show off and be proud of. My children have kept their projects for many years and remember the content in the report for just as long. There are many ways to do projects. I'll share with you the method I've used for over 20 years. It's good guide with a lot of flexibility. There are four parts to a project: research written report display oral report The length and complexity of the p

Einstein Report

Einstein was born in Germany into a Jewish family. There are stories that Einstein started his interest in science because of playing with his father's compass as a young child. He liked to challenge people with tough riddles. Later in life he moved to America. Einstein taught science to people in schools. Einstein will always be Jewish. Einstein invented a theory that if you go fast enough, time goes slower. It's the theory of relativity represented by the equation: Einstein helped make the atom bomb. It is used in warfare. It makes a mushroom cloud. The cloud kills people. Einstein didn't like the bomb.

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