This week's workshop activities 1. Craft - Hedwig Puppet 2. Key Points - Different Types of Communications 3. Collaborative - Newspaper Parts 4. Writing - Howlers - Complaint Letters 5. Math/Logic – Stastistics Charts 6. Character Connection - Overcoming Temptations 7. Big Activity – Listen to and perform a Radio Show 8. Movement – Robot Relay Race Quests to do at home: Make a telegraph. Prepare the written Morse code symbols for a ten-word message or longer then send it for your partner to decipher. Make your own sound effects studio. Make illustrations showing the following types of radio waves: VHF, medium, long and short. Define the characteristics of each, (for example, “VHF bounce off

Lecture, Test, Forget

In most learning environments, students listen to a teacher or read an assignment, followed by an assessment. If the students answer the questions correctly, it is taken as proof that learning has happened. You could then infer that supposedly, all we need to do is to repeat the process over and over until all students have encyclopedic knowledge. You probably went school, so you must know a lot. Yet if you've ever helped a 6th-grader with homework you realize just how much you've forgotten. So let's come clean. Outside of reading, writing and basic math, we don't remember all that much from our school years. Why do we spend so much time and money pretending that students really know all th

Magical People of All Sizes

Week of September 19-23 This week's classroom activities: 1. Craft – Fairy Garden 2. Key Points – Magical People 3. Collaborative – What size? - Measuring fairies to giants 4. Writing – Trading Cards - create your own magical peoples 5. Math/Logic - Scale - comparing sizes 6. Character Connection - Challenges 7. Big Activity – Black Magic - Logic game 8. Movement – Ogre May I? - Quests to do at home: Make a dwarf ax or sword using muggle materials found around your home. Make a height chart for your family. Measure everyone. Can you figure out what the average height is for your family members? Make a comic strip with two or more types of magical people in it. Create a crossword puzzle with

Magic Around the World

Week of September 12-16 This week's classroom activities: 1. Craft – Harry Potter Glasses or wand 2. Key Points – History of Magic Class 3. Collaborative - Stonehenge 4. Writing - Similes 5. Math/Logic – Gringotts Money 6. Character Connection – Hero's Journey: Accept the Call 7. Big Activity – Food Around the World 8. Movement - Hopscotch Quests to do at home: Make a book fair. Display the best books of all time, from all over the world. If you would like to display books that you don't own, you can print out the cover art. Make an “it's a small world” or Around the World in 80 Days board game. What does “it's a small world mean”? Explain the statement in your own words. Make a list of all

Opening Celebration and Sorting Ceremony

We had such a great time at the opening! We took a train to the wizarding school, where we met Harry, Hermione, Professor McGonagall, Professor Snape, and Wogwarts' janitor! After the sorting ceremony, we learned a little magic, played some games, took pictures, and earned house points!

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